Daphne Schalbetter  |  BA MBA ACC CPCC CPQC

Hi, I am Daphne a proud mom, international leadership coach, freedompreneur, female champion and the founder of Superwoman Coach.

Having lived, studied and worked in 9 different countries on 3 continents (so far) and I think of myself as a global citizen. I enjoy working together with people from other countries and cross-cultural awareness and understanding are one of my secret passions.


In more than 20 years in leadership development, management consulting, and executive education I have supported many clients in their professional and personal development. In all my engagements I have always appreciated the relationship to the people I worked with the most. It took me many years before I realized that my passion is the development of people and only a few years ago it became clear to me that I wanted to focus on that exclusively. In 2020 I have become a certified professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation.

4 fun facts about Daphne

Milk Lover

What had started as a fun experiment with friends at the age of 16 of not eating meat for a few days, has become a way of living. I have been a vegetarian ever since. Even though I look up to vegans, I love dairy products too much, especially cheese! 

Karate Kid

More than 20 years ago my boss at the time told me that I needed to fight back in conversations more. I took it literally and started taking Karate lessons. Later I repeatedly got feedback at work that I knew how to dish out and fight for myself. 

Yoga Devotee

15 years ago I injured my back, which forced me to find a “back friendly sport”. That is when I discovered Yoga as means of building up strengths, relaxation, and mindfulness. In an attempt to deepen my understanding of it, I became a certified Yoga teacher.

Nature Enthusiast

In my free time, I like to be outdoors: be it walking, running, hiking, cycling, camping or just lingering on one of the many playgrounds my two sons like to go to. For me and my family “there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”.

"Empowering women, one woman at the time!"

Daphne Schalbetter

Awarded Coaching Certifications