In this blog I am sharing some experiences, thoughts, and ideas of leadership, finding your live purpose, and living in line with your true values

Pick-me-up List

In the past weeks I heard from lots of people that they were lacking energy, feeling drained and simply not motivated to do anything. This morning it finally got to me! While I was dreading another week of home activities for my son and working from home, I was utterly frustrated with myself!


Finding happiness during this pandemic is one if the most sought-after topics my clients voiced in the past weeks...

Mindful Happy Hour

Is social distancing feeling a bit overwhelming or stressful right now? Does working from home become increasingly challenging? Let’s help each other and meet up in a virtual Mindful Happy Hour!

Social Distancing Coaching   

In the past week or so, the focus has shifted for many of us. Instead of working towards the next career move, an upcoming promotion, a large business deal, or how to develop team members, our attention seems to have been hijacked by the pandemic we are currently living in. 

New Year's Resolution

Why not start it today? Haven’t we all been there? We made a plan to change something significantly. We are all excited and highly committed to it and then somehow the excitement fades away and the commitment is nowhere to be found! 

Women back on the career track

Many discussions focus about how to get women back to work. I personally think that that does not go far enough! We ought to concentrate about how to get women back on track to pursue their careers.