Women face unique obstacles when transitioning from being a manager to becoming a leader. Many women struggle to find their authentic leadership style especially since there are fewer women at the top that could serve as role models. However, women are natural leaders and often develop innovative ways for building strong and productive working relationships with the people they work with and powerful and loyal bonds with the people they are leading.


The Superwoman Executive & Leader Coaching Program is a bespoke one to one coaching program tailored to your career objectives in which you will transform as a leader and gain newfound clarity, perspectives and direction towards your career goals and your life purpose.

Superwoman Executive & Leader Coaching Program


  • 12 individual coaching sessions
  • over a time period of 6 months


  • Starts with a 90 min discovery session 
  • Followed by 10 sessions of 55 min  
  • Ends with a closing session to evaluate progress  


  • Sessions conducted via phone, video call or face to face meetings
  • Ongoing support in between sessions via email, text messages, and brief phone calls 


  • Targeted coaching questionnaire
  • Including prior 360 degree feedbacks and leadership assessments you have completed
  • Recordings of your sessions (optional)
  • Complimentary annual development/career health check

Outcomes you can expect

  • Reconnect with your dreams, desires, and values
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and barriers holding you back from fulfilling your potential

Outcomes you can expect

  • Tools to reconnect with your inner leader 
  • Increased self-awareness, self-confidence and belief in your ability towards achieving your goals

Outcomes you can expect

  • Development of a transformational and authentic leadership style  
  • Improved ability to make decisions and take actions to achieve professional goals