Sometimes you feel uninspired and lack the energy and self-confidence to change anything about it? You might crave for more balance in your life and to be more attuned to your values and needs. I get it, sometimes it is hard and difficult to know where to start. Let’s face it: we have all been there!
The Superwoman Life Coaching Program is a bespoke one to one coaching program, which will empower you to be the best version of you and create a life you love. You will gain a new-found clarity about your life purpose and a clear direction of how to become the Superwoman you aspire to be!

Superwoman Life Coaching Program


  • 8 individual coaching sessions
  • over a time period of 4 months


  • Starts with a 90 min discovery session 
  • Followed by 6 sessions of 55 min 
  • Ends with a closing session to evaluate progress 


  • Sessions conducted via phone, video call or face to face meetings 
  • Ongoing support in between sessions via email and text messages


  • Targeted coaching questionnaire 
  • Recordings of your sessions (optional)
  • Complimentary annual life health check 

Outcomes you can expect

  • Reconnect with your dreams, desires, and values
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, self-doubts, and fears holding you back from fulfilling your potential

Outcomes you can expect

  • Tools to reconnect with your inner leader  
  • Increased self-awareness, self-confidence and belief in your ability towards living a fulfilled life

Outcomes you can expect

  • Improved productivity and progress towards your goals with tangible results
  • Become the best and most self-assured version of you